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Jawai Bandh leopard conservation reserve blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   04 July 2020  
At least once a year, go to the Jungle. Notice the existence in its Raw format. See how the trees, plants, insects, birds, animals, all intermingle with each other.
Learn this and apply it in your life. Accept everybody. We may look from far as to separate islands, but deep down, we all are ONE.
And to experience this, I make such programs regularly so I can understand where I am standing. And this time with the Adventure team of Agra, made a trip for Jawai bandh Leopard conservation reserve. 


Bandh means Dam and this Dam construction completed in the year 1957 by Maharaj Umaid Singh of Jodhpur and is the biggest Dam in western Rajasthan. It is made across the Jawai river and is the tributary of the Luni river. The purpose of it is to supply water in Jodhpur and Pali districts and also some villages for irrigation. 
Today it became a habitat of leopards, birds, crocodiles, and other animals. Our purpose was to make photographs of leopards. But was it that easy? Let's check it out.
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Golden temple of Amritsar blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   02 July 2020  
Let me start this blog with a message
After leaving Chamba, Gaurav and I planned to go to Parashar lake. However, on the way, we missed 2 turns and those 2 missing took us to the road which leads to Shri Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara in Amritsar (Popularly known as Golden temple)
The message is - all your plans, your desire means nothing. A blunder which we were thinking later I found was the blessing in disguise. It's just a very small incident but in Life sometimes we all experience how things go wrong (according to our definition). I would like to say, have patience, soon you going to realize, it is nothing but just a small Act of a vast theater which is going on. Right or Wrong, it's not going to matter at that time. We rise above it.
My experience at Shri Harmandir Sahib
January 17, 2020
Winters, I love them. Amritsar was almost empty and our car reached in a bazaar till the point where Golden temple was just 500 meters away. I came here after a long gap, roughly after 13 years and everything is changed here.
The used to be local market developed into Supermarket now and from no angle, it felt like I was in India.
That's the funny way how we describe our place sometime "lag hi nahi raha tha yaar ki main India mein hu" :D
It was already late evening when we reached here and hence we decided to go inside the temple in the morning.
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Explore Khajjiar in Winters with A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   30 June 2020  

Khajjiar is just 22 km from Chamba and the best time to visit here is from April to June. But since I had already been here in April season in the year 2017, this time the plan was to see it in winters.

About Khajjiar
Khajjiar was bestowed with the title of mini Switzerland in 1992 by Mr. Willy T Blaze, Vice Counsellor and Head Chancery of Switzerland in India.  It means that it is one of the 160 places in the world which bear tropical resemblances to Switzerland.
If you still haven't heard of Khajjiar, then let me show you the map. Khajjiar is tucked away in one of  Himachal's  northernmost fringes of Dhauladhar circuit.
Many tourists are not aware of it and usually the crowd always heads towards the well-known Shimla Kullu Manali route.
But if you want something different, you can come here in the tourist season or if you are into some kind of adventure then visit in the winters. And the route which is sure shot open in winters is via Chamba. The Dalhousie-Khajjiar road is closed most of the time in winters because of excessive snowfall.
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All about Chamba - A travel blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   27 June 2020  
CHAMBA was the princely state during Britishers time and a capital of a Kingdom which never had any successful invasion for around a millennium. Even Emperor Akbar and later Aurangzeb failed to acquire this territory.
The founder of this this lush green valley where river Ravi flows by was Raja Sahil Verman and it was built on the request of you her daughter Champavati. Chamba was named after her.
Yes this time let me take with you to this small yet happy town.
1.) Chamunda Devi Temple
It was raining on our day 1 and we were wearing Ponchu while we walk in this town near Chaugan area and everybody was seeing us like some Alien visited on their land. I thought it would be better to slow down for this day but my big brother Dr. Amit Vakil (who live in Chamba) pushed us to at least cover one spot here and that too in rain. And so with him we went to see Chamunda Devi temple.
Chamba is very religious town and so mostly the main area of interest are just temples.
And this temple was built by Raja Umed singh in year 1762 and is entirely made of wood. Earlier it could only be reached through some 400 steps cut out from the stone pathway, but now it is easily accessible trough 3 km long road from Chamba which we of-course opted in this heavy rain.
The temple is dedicated to goddess Kali and we witnessed aarti here and I was also surprised to see few people who came to attend it even in this rain.
Navratri is the most busiest time of the year here when 1000s of pilgrims travel from India to pay their homage to Goddess.
I have been to many temples but the experience for this one in rain when the temperature was freezingly cold and covering it on camera was the life time experience.
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Dev Deepawali in Varanasi blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   25 June 2020  
It is always fun when you travel with like minded people, and if such a travel was leading me to Varanasi, how could I step back. This time I went to cover Dev Diwali. I was with the Photographers Club of Agra.
On our Day 1 at evening we all set together for Varanasi. Our train reservation was from Tundla to Deen Dayal Upadhyay junction. Odd! but we found no direct train. Tundla is 25 km from Agra for which we took Bus and from Deen Dayal junction Varanasi is like 15 km for which we took taxi in morning.
By 12 PM we reached to our destination on our Day 2. We has already pre-booked our hotel which I will recommend as in the late hours it is difficult to find a hotel.
As planned in afternoon we were on the Ghats till late evening where we also saw Ganga aarti at Dashshwamedha ghat.
We found that people had already started making Rangoli. Some were preparing for theatre and some singing. Ghats were getting cleaned and all this was happening for Dev Diwali which was after two days.
And among all these activities two ghats were burning as usual. Typical Varanasi.
In the evening we had a wonderful dinner with my younger brother Shyam who lives here and also had Banarasi Paan :O. "Ab Banaras aaye aur paan nahi khaya to kya kiya"
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Forgotten fort of Suaju Dev hans near Agra blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   23 June 2020  
Our desire to find out some off beats locations brought us to a place which is called Suaju Dev Hans Ka Kila/fort by the local villagers.
Nothing much is known about this place. We did few sittings with locals for it to know it and also how to go close to this fort.
Villagers were very kind to us and told everything about it and also showed us the way. So one fine morning we went close to this fort and enjoyed what we are best at. Found some dry wood and made coffee and tea for ourselves. It was so heavenly in this wilderness. The chirping of birds, the Sun rise, the fresh air... Where you get these things in cities?
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Offbeat locations near Agra which you may not know

Posted Date :   19 June 2020  
We the adventure team of Agra love to travel on roads which are less traveled and in this blog I am going to take you to some more offbeat locations near Agra.
This time we went to see Bandh Baretha which was built in the year 1897 by Maharaja Ram Singh. It is basically a dam but a wonderful place to spend some quality. Away from the city hustle bustle, one can find peace here.
It is also a bird watchers' paradise and I guess many bird photographers must know about it.
VILLAGE KOT (Jharna Parua)
We spent some quality time here and then moved on to our next location which lies near Tantpur and called Village Kot.
Frankly not easy to reach here. One surely needs a 4x4 vehicle or atleast Royal enfield kind of bike.
The place we went is called Jharna Parua by the locals. What you find here is a Shiva Temple somewhere deep in Jungle. This temple is built for some cause, may be water was the problem for this village in past. We do know yet. But, from the hills which cover the area of temple, water constantly flow. Villagers who were with us, do not know the exact reason. But they confirmed that water comes to this place irrespective of the season, 365 days. Locals also take bath here and drink this water and they believe it to be mystical in many senses.
A small temple of some Sidh baba was also made nearby and history of him was also not fully known.
One this I must say here that, this is really a wonderful place, full of positivism. We sat here again for some time and I fell into deep meditation. It was refreshing.
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We found mysterious caves in Village Patsal near Agra

Posted Date :   16 June 2020  

Being the part of Adventure team of Agra is really fun and enriching. Before I start let me tell you guys that here in Agra I am also the part of this group whose whole sole purpose is to find such locations which are long forgotten with dust of time and also to locate places which are less traveled.

So for days going here and there and with lot of research, we found a Village called PATSAL.
It is somewhat 45 km from Agra and just 5 km from well known monument Fatehpur sikri. In this village we found 2 caves. A very little information is there about them on internet and so we decided to see it from our own eyes.
So one fine morning in October 2019 we reached to the heart of the village crossing landscape which were astonishing to all of us and particularly to me as I did not expected to such scenic beauty that exist just near to Agra (where I live). Villagers wonder for our visit. We spoken with the oldies about our visit and they all took us to that place. Kids and young ones were quite excited.
We found a Sidh baba temple also which according to them it's origin is unknown. They just take care of it and had made a big temple just around the cave.
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All about Shri Kedarnath trek by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   12 June 2020  
All about trek 
Now let's talk about the trek. First of all, it is difficult and is 16km long now due to the new route (after 2013 flood). At the same time is very well made and the trek route is as shown in picture.
Frankly I won't say it a trek. Actually, it is a well maintained path. And with lot of ponies with there shit.
We found the only Tea stall at 2.5 km from Gaurikund, may due to the off season. And at Jungle chatti, which is like 4 km from Gaurikund, one can have something to eat. In between, I saw many hoardings showing ATM coming soon at Kedarnath dham. Hopefully in 2020.
We saw many sweepers also which were given the task to clear the trek for 1 km. Just to clear the shit of Ponies/mules. Yes, you going to smell horse shit all along the trek.
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Kedarnath dham yatra blog by A Mango Traveler - Episode 1

Posted Date :   10 June 2020  
Shri Kedarnath Dham yatra was in my mind when I came back from my Everest base camp trek. I wanted to go there immediately but as usual plans don't work in life and the best trips are those which are unplanned.
During Diwali time, I thought to make a prog. to see Rishikesh and landsdowne. My old travel partner Sharad was here. 
But on the way when we just crossed Delhi our program changed and Sharad insisted to go to Shri Kedarnath dham. Since it was a road trip, things can be managed.
Day 1 - October 23, 2019
Uppar Ganga Canal road
It was our Day 1 - October 23, 2019 and from Yamuna express way we took turn for Eastern peripheral express way and then turned to Uppar Ganga canal road from Muradnagar police post according to Google maps and I was astonished to see this route. There was almost no traffic on this road and we bypassed Modinagar and Meerut by using it. Later I searched for the history of this road and found that the Ganga Canal was made in year 1854 by a Britisher named Sir Proby Cautley of East India Company. It is more than 500 km long which is beneficial to thousands & millions of people even today. 
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