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RamNagar fort and Silk saree of Varanasi blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   16 October 2019  

Ramnagar fort was my last spot to see in Varanasi and my first observation that though the fort is big but not at all in good condition and I don't know why. It was built by kashi Naresh, the then king of Varanasi Raja balwant singh in year 1750.

Photography is not allowed inside the musuem of fort which indeed have some good collection. The fort is at the scenic location of the eastern bank of River gange and was built in creamy colored chunar sandstane in typical Mughal style architechure. The most important pasrt of this fort is Guru Ved Vyas temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Ved Vyas. Ved Vyas was the author of the greated epic in world known as Mahabharat. His one of the most respected Guru in Hindu tradtion. And according to priest whom I met their, told me that by visiting here, the journey of Varanasi completes.





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Ghats of Varanasi blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   14 October 2019  
Varanasi - A prominent city of hindus. The city of Lord Rudra as they say. The oldest inhibetent city in the world. The city that claims if you die here, one can come out of from cycle of birth of death, from endless chain of Karma.
Varanasi had claimed the title of "Subahe banaras" means mornings in Varanasi, where at this time one an witness 1000s of activities, that can make you speechless and wonder many time.

At Dashashawamedha ghat, morning starts with Ganga aarti done by one priest and loads of action get start as soon Sun says "Goodmorning" to all. 
People start taking bath in scared rivere Maa Gange, people who took path to know themselves dwell in morning prayers and meditation & people like me start enjoying shooting people (ofcourse by camera :P)
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Ganga Aarti blog of Varanasi by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   09 October 2019  
If you are in Varanasi, then one of the great event that happen daily here is Ganga Aarti.
My friend and younger brother Shubham & Shayam suggested me to go to Assi Ghat to see the Ganga Aarti in morning and in evening must see the same at Dashashwamedha ghat and yes it was indeed a wonderful suggestion.
Ganga aarti is performed by group of priests and through this ritual along with all the people who gathered around give their respect to Lord Shiva, Goddess Ganga, to Sun god, to fire and to whole universe. 
Morning aarti happen before sunrise and duration is almost for 45 minutes.



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Famous temples of Varanasi blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   05 October 2019  

Varanasi - A city where I can go thousand more times. This I said in 2016 when I first came here. It took me 3 years though to come once again here, but the experience was frankly amplified 10 times more. As this time I planned for at least 5 days.

This time I thought to see the city nook and corners and since Varanasi is famous for its temples, so I thought, Let's start with few famous temples.
The best way to see Varanasi is either by Rikshaw or by 2 wheeler. I felt Ola bike is the best option. The city is changed so much. Everywhere I went I saw some development. Roads are without any ditches, Walls are beautifully painted with freedom fighters portraits and Gods which are worshipped. Truely, it given some extra-ordernary feel. However, one this is still not changed and that is traffic and pollution.
My first stop was BHARAT MATA TEMPLE. As we Indians call our land as Goddess, mother. This time share the space with Lalit kala acadmy which basically serves as an entertainment venue often hosting significance arts events, exhibition. A great place to meet artists and intellectuals. Fortunatelly there was such art event going on when I reached there. Students from various part of country were exhibiting their art in numerous forms, one of which was Rangoli.
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4 best places to see in Andaman Nicobar islands by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   02 October 2019  
1.) How to reach Andaman islands 
Flights are the best options. You can also go by Cruise if you have ample of time, information for cruise also available on internet.
2.) Best time to Visit
Avoide rainy season, like in between May to August. Rest is all good time to visit here.
3.) Places to see in Andaman islands
a) Baratang island
* Limestone caves
* mud volcano
* enjoy the scenic beauty of Jharawa forest and Mangrove forest which comes in the journey
Check for full video here

b) Port blair
* Cellular jail
* Corbyn's beach
* North bay (for water sports activities - try sea walking here)
* Ross island
* Chirdiya tapu

Check for full video here
c) Havelock island
* Radhanagar beach
* Kala pathar beach
* Vijay nagar beach
* Scuba diving
* Rent a scootie or bycycle and enjoy this small island
Check for full video here

d) Neil island
* Natural bridge beach
* Laxmanpur beach 1
* Bharatpur beach (for water sports activities)
* Its a very small island - just relax here
Check for full video here
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Neil island blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   29 September 2019  
Our last destination in Andaman was Neil islandNow re-named as Shaheed Island in remembrance of Netaji Subhash chandra bose who hoisted Indian flag at Port blair in 1943 and proclaimed as territory liberated from British rule.
It is a very small island and we booked our Cruise from havelock for this place (from Port blair).
I will recommend to come to Neil island if you want to have some peace of mind or a beautiful holdiay and you love landscape and sunsets. As in port blair and havelock, internet facility is almost not available on phones. Airtel and BSNL worl for calling purpose only and that too sometimes if you are lucky to get the network.
Major attraction in neil island is the natural bridge beach which is indeed a wonder (also known as old laxmanpur beach). As we reached in evening here so this was the only place we were able to see.
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Havelock island blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   26 September 2019  

Our next destination in Andaman was Havelock islandsnow the name changed to Swaraj dweep. To get here one need to book a ferry from Port blair. Govt. and private ferries both go there and ofcourse private ones are quite costly & can range from Rs. 900-1500 INR. But they are fast and kind of luxurious if compaired to Govt. faries. 

Private ferries take around 1 & half hr to reach in comparison to Govt. ferries which take roughly 2-2 n 1/2 hrs. We online booked the seats for havelock which I will recommed though there are many Agents also which can book your seat. In season time, it is difficult to get the desired seat on particular day so I will also suggest to the same as soon as you reach to port blair. Our program was to stay at havelock for 2 nights and 3 days and from their will move to Neil island.

Check in to these ferries are just like you check in airport. Their is huge waiting hall and stalls of private ferries owners just like we see in airports.

At havelock island you can get your accomodation at beach no. 3 and 5. (kind of lame names given to beach their but some have names also). 

Beach no. 5 is good place to stay which is also known as Vijay nagar beach and we too stayed their. There are plenty of hotels and cottages at Havelock. I will suggest to get some cottage. By the time we reached to havelock, it was already everning time and we were greated by Rainbow here at Vijaynagar beach. Good start I felt.

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Port blair blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   23 September 2019  

To see port blair, the best way is to rent the scooties. We rented 2 scooties to see it which is easy to get. For Indian Rs. 2000/- (& passport or country I.D) as security and Rs. 500/- for 24 hrs as rent. Petrol is at your own expanse. We had almost saw every nook and corner of port by riding it. The city is small and cozy. I simply loved it.

And we visited Joggers park here from where one can see Airport of Port blair. Actually we went there to capture the beauty of it and landing of plane (which was kind of lame idea though :P ) 

And the first thought comes to every Indian when we talk about Andman islands is Cellular jail termed as "Kala paani" and this was the place for which i came to see, to feel, to travel back in time, to get more thoughts how we got our freedom. This place is right top on my list. Even today when I am telling you about it, I am having goosbumps for what I had read and hear and saw.







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Baratang island blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   21 September 2019  

The fact is going to Andaman and Nicobar Islands was never in my dreams. Actually I was thinking to go to Ladakh when Puru came into the scene and presented this plan. I was quite excited after hearing this, no matter what. I am born in India and have small interest in history. Our Independence fight was also carried from this small part of this world & I suddenly I wanted to see this place especially Port blair Cellular jail.

 Puru's friend Vinay assisted a lot for this trip and he had booked everything in port blair for us in advance, so their was no hassel to search for anything. And so on 25th september 2018 we took flight around 5am which means we need to reach Delhi airport in between 2-3am and which means no rest, no sleep at all. Unfortunately there is no direct flight for Port blair so farIf you are travelling from Delhi then their may come lay over at Hyderabad or kolkata or Chennai. Ours was at Hyderabad where we spent our lazy time of 2 and half hrs by eating and roaming at Airport.






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Pushkar camel fair blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   14 September 2019  
Ever since I started making videos and traveling blogs for where-ever I am travelling, It had made me more focused and I am really enjoying this new task. 
So lets start this new journey, which I did with my Photographers club of Agra for Pushkar camel fair. PCA we call it, a family of creative and fun loving people. 
Rajasthan is known for it's culture, Havelies, Forts and fairs not only in India but also all around the glob. Now, if we only talk about the Fairs, Pushkar camel fair is the biggest one. People around the world gather here in this small town Pushkar to witness this jaw-dropping fair which basically the biggest Camel fair in the world. Where Villagers from all over the Rajasthan come and sell and purchase their live stock. Now a days, they also sell Horses, cows and sheeps.
Pushkar Camel fair start after Diwali festival in India.
We Chosed "Train" as our medium to travel to Pushkar Our day started from Agra fort station in morning around 5 am and joined my team from Acchnera junction (a small town Achhnera where I live). Trains are best to travel to this place I personally feel. From all major cities, one can get train and Pushkar nearest station is AjmerFrom Ajmer one can have taxi, or bus to reach. Ajmer to Pushkar distance is just of 30 minutes ride.
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