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Namche Bazaar to Pangboche blog - Mount Everest base camp trek Day 4

Posted Date :   04 December 2019  
Namche bazaar morning was the happy morning for me... specially because Gaurav was feeling well, which made me energized.
everything was beautiful there, ice caped peak, green mountains, flowers, farms but with lots of people... and I felt it is ok, All were cheerful for the new day trek.
So this was our day 4 and we were trekking from Namche bazaar to TengbucheTengbuche is at 3800 meter (approx) from the sea level, that means we are going to gain roughly 400 meters today. And the trek may take roughly 5-5.30 hrs. 
We did not had our breakfast at Namche bazaar but packed a burger which we ate on the way. 
Most of the trek is like straight... Let me correct myself, it is not a trek at all.. It is a well maintained path which is made by Pasang lama sherpa (an old man now) and his family who are dedicated to make this path. It is not supported by government so it would be great if you donate something there. On the way you can once again see the peak of Mount Everest and many other mountain peaks. 

Namche Bazaar - Mount Everest base camp trek - Day 3 by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   30 November 2019  

I was quite fresh in the morning at Namche bazaar. It was again a bright sunny day, took a good rest as I slept earlier but Gaurav was not well. What happened basically when we were coming from Phakding to Namche bazaar, he was quite fast and drained all his energies, so much so that he even did not took his dinner previous night. So I thought leaving him at hotel and giving him time to rest, he will be alright and I left him to see Everest view point.

I must admit the stairs took my breath away when I passing Namche bazaar. There are 100s of stairs which first one need to climb to get on the right path for everest view point.

It was our day 3 and basically not progessing anywhere as it was our acclimitization day. Why to acclimitize yourself. In my experience, where-ever one go to the altitude of 3000 meters above sea level, it is always good to have plenty of rest, stay at such place atleast for a day and then move ahead to more heights. It makes body to adjust itself, to adapt for the oxygen in air. (Effective oxygen in air at Namche is roughly 13.7% only)








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Phakding to Namche Bazaar Blog - Mount Everest base camp trek - Day 2

Posted Date :   26 November 2019  
Gaurav was so fresh in morning at Phakding and according to him, the trek actually started. I was not that much fresh, the fact is I sleep late in night and I feel waking up in morning should get illegal someday :P (jokes apart, I am trying my best to wake up in mornings).
But to reach on time, we need to wake up as early as possible. And frankly, morning at such places have their own charm. Deep blue sky, snow-covered peaks, mystical landscape, breathing in fresh air relax you somehow. Phakding is beautiful. We started our trek around 8 am after taking a small breakfast.
So today is our day 2 and we are going from Phakding to Namche bazaar. Namche Bazaar is at the height of 3400 meters which means this trek we going to gain 800 meters.
As soon one start its trek from phakding, you going to face yet another Suspension bridge and from their I started counting how many suspension bridges will come for Everest base camp trek. It's the second one and frankly I was quite excited for it. There was no fear now. 
The trek is good and one can notice many tea houses. Many are under-construction as well. All tea-house / lodges at phakding have fix price - Nepali Rs. 500/- however, dinner and breakfast is compulsory. If you do not want that then the price is Rs. 1500/- per room.
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Lukla to Phakding blog | Mount Everest base camp trek | Day 1 by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   23 November 2019  
Pheeew... Let me start this blog with the experience of the Lukla flight !
My goodness, that was the smallest plane I got the opportunity to sit in. After waiting long hours at Ramachep airport, our turn finally came. Our flight was from Sita Airways. Frankly, I hate to fly in airplane, but sometimes ofcourse don't have choices if have to travel far or to such locations.
Flying to Lukla airport comes under the most dangerous airports in the world. And why Tenzing Hillary airport is so dangerous. Let me tell you that in 2008, an aircraft crashed while landing in Lukla killing 18 passengers on-board. In 2013 a Helicopter crashed killing 1 passenger and there are several other crashes that happen every year here in which passengers and crew members were injured. In 2019, yes on April 14, 2019, exactly 10 days before the flight, a plane hit 2 helicopters while taking off from Lukla, killing 3 people. This I had not told to Gaurav.
But at the same time, I must say it was fun. Though all the time, I was only reciting God name, a little twist in air and my heart usually sank down, I was hell of scared, goosebumps on my full body :D but still my Goodness, I am writing this - It was fun. And thanks to God, we landed safely there.


Mount Everest base camp trek | The Beginning | Travel blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   20 November 2019  
Everyone has their own set of escape routines. Some find in nature's lap a bliss, some find in beaches and some visit destination with their loved ones. Well, there is one more breed of human who find piece in trekking to the most challenging trails and terrains. 
I feel I belong to all sects, as a traveller I can go everywhere, ofcourse depending upon the mood. And the plan to go to EBC was made in april 2018 when I was in spiti valley with my cosuin Sharad. We both touched the heighest village - Komic - in the world (it's a very beautiful place, must visit it... check video -Agra to Spiti valley) and he asked me what's next brother, I was so clear in my mind that I said, next is Everest base camp. You know the very thought of standing at the base camp of World highest mountain itself is so exciting. Talking about the trek of Everest base camp - It is challenging, it is tough, it is scary at times and it is exhausting. But, a rewarding experience. One has to go out in the mountains at least once in a year, They will make you modest, they will make you humble, they will make you feel that the world is much bigger place than where you live. 

Ruins of Nalanda blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   09 November 2019  

I always feel proud that I born in India. A country that had accepted all kind of learnings which can enahce the spiritual growth. Buddhism is the perfect example of it and the energies that still surround me from Bodhgaya took me to yet another site before I come back to home. And the place was Nalanda.

Nalanda University was one of the most perstigious university in ancient world and when I say ancient here, it means I am taking you to some 2500 years back in past where it said Lord buddha also given his sermons and Mahavir spent 14 monsoon season.







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Places to see in Bodhgaya Blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   07 November 2019  
There are three important sites in Bodhgaya other than Mahabodhi temple and all these 3 sites are very important which made siddharth Gautam into Lord Buddha.
And for that we crossed Nirajana river bridge where all these 3 sites located. Before enlightenment Gautam and his 5 disciples came to Uruvela (now known as Bodhgaya) where he thought that by doing austerities he would attain the wisdom. For 6 years he practised fasting and meditation that no other did. But what remain with him was body with bones, there was almost no flesh remain on it. After rising from his meditation he found that this was not the way.The tree under which he meditated for 6 years is the still the same and aged more than 2500 years. 
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Mahabodhi temple Blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   03 November 2019  
BODHGAYA - the palce in state Bihar of india where Siddharth Gautam got enlightened, the place where if you come with open heart, you gona kissed by waves of energies, the place where I can come 1000 more times.
My trip was not yet over even after Sarnath. So I decided to turn my car back towards my favourite place "BODHGAYA" and for this trip Gaurav also joined me. I was going to Bodhgaya after 2 and half years. I was really feeling like a boy who is coming home in his holidays from far away hostel.
It was night time when we reached bodhgaya and to my surprise, it was so much crowded and everywhere a checkpost is made. Cars now can't go near to temple area. But we requested to the police officer and he let us in with a condition that we will not use car once parked at our hotel. I booked the same hotel just like previous one. Jyoti Guest house and I was happy that they remembered me by the same car :D ... and given their best room for us. It is kind of budget hotel and is very near to main temple complex. Say just 100 meters from temple.
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Places to see in Sarnath Blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   30 October 2019  
Sarnath is yet another spiritual place which comes in district Varanasi. It is said that after spending 7 weeks at Bodhgaya, where Siddharth gautam enlightened and know to the world as Gautam buddha, came here and given his first sermon to his 5 discibles and the sermons were the 4 noble truths.
1. There is suffering
2. Suffering has a cause
3. the cause is removable
4. There are ways to remove the cause
and to remove the cause Buddha prescribed 8 fold path
Right speech, right action, right livelohood, right effort, right mindfullness, right concentration, right attitude and right view.
Well I am not dwelling more into it so let me take you back to Sarnath history.
It also became the place where Buddhist Sangha was originated. Today, thi place is visited by people all over the world who believe in Buddha and his teachings.
I reached here early in morning and would like to suggest you all to do the same. And I joined the group of monks who came from thailand. Along with them I too visited the first site here which is now the archeological ruins and according to history this was the same site where Buddhism florished and had 30 monasteries with some 3000 monks some 1500 years ago. Later this was destroyed by turks.
Let me also tell you that Sarnath has been also known as Mrigadava, mridaya, Rishipattan and Isipattan through out the history. Mrigadava means "the deer park" which was built by the king before buddha arrived. He called it so animals can roam freely here. Isipattan is the name used in pali which means the place where holy men landed.
In these ruins you will see Ashoka pillar which was broken during turk invasion but the base still stands at the original location. Rest of its part the lion capital can be seen in Sarnath Archeological museum which I will take you as this blog continues.
Dharamrajika stupa you will notice as soon as you enter the ruins. It was made to enshrine the remains of Lord Buddha when he left the body.
The site mulagandha kuti vihar represented ancienty culture and tradtions of Buddhism. Today its all ruins.
The grand impressive structure Dhamek stupa which is 128 feet high and 93 feet in diameter. The site belived where Buddha given his first sermon.
I was following the monks and they sat near Dhamek stupa and they keep on praying which I hardly understood but the environment was peaceful to mind and body which made me to keep on with them till they left the ruins.
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Bharatpur bird Sanctuary Blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   21 October 2019  

A sudden plan is always a wonderful plan & in December it happens like this. Fog was starting in Agra and nearby area and We all friends wanted to go somewhere. Knowing nothing where to go,  a suggestion came up - let's go to Bharatpur bird sanctuary. When I purchased the camera, I used to go their almost twice in a month. And to go this location was more like reviving some memories - the memories of my Photographers club of Agra, which was born in 2011.

Bharatpur bird sanctuary is located in bharatpur, Rajasthan and one can easily trace this place as it on the way of national highway Agra to Jaipur. It is a UNESCO recognised world heritage. It is also now known as Keoladeo national park as their is Keoladeo Shiva temple inside the park.










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