Top 20 Quotes

  1. Fools Laugh at others, Wisdom laugh at itself
  2. Real communication happens in silence.
  3. Life begins where fear ends.
  4. Drop the idea of becoming someone
  5. Light has no shadow
  6. Relate With others
  7. Friendship is the purest love
  8. Life repeats itself
  9. A woman is to be loved
  10. Truth is not to be found outside
  11. Don't be so short of trust
  13. Never belong to a crowd
  14. The greatest fear in the world
  15. Don't swim against the current
  16. Life Begins
  17. Real Spirituality
  18. There is no other greater
  19. Love is happy
  20. No man understands the woman



Life Begins

Posted Date :   05 April 2017 05:47:02 PM  

Life begins where

fear ends.


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