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6 unanswered questions from Baahubali, not just why Kattappa killed Baahubali

Posted Date :   26 April 2017 03:21:02 PM  
In three days, the nation, no, scratch that, the world will find out the answer to the question that has preyed on their minds for the last two years since everyone watched director SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali: The Beginning. And that question is, ‘why did Kattappa kill Baahubali? In fact, this one moment has made the wait for Baahubali 2 release excruciating. The twist in the end of the tale became a rage for many reasons. One, maybe it was too much of a shock for fans to come to terms with Baahubali being killed after showing his physical and mental prowess in the war against Kalakeya. Two, it was more shocking to fathom that the loyal king’s guard Kattappa is the one who stabbed Baahubali. It won’t be wrong to say that Kattappa was like a father figure to Amarendra Baahubali. Not just that, he was a true friend who fought besides Baahubali in the battlefield. He wanted Baahubali to defeat Kalakeya as much as any other member of the audience so that he can ascend the throne of Mahishmati.
And we can give 10 other instances that prove Kattappa’s undying love for Baahubali. Not to mention that Kattappa pledges his loyalty to Shivudu aka Mahendra Baahubali the moment he realises he is his slain master’s son. But, still, he killed Baahubali. So we can understand the reasons as to why the fans the world over have been hung upon why Kattappa killed Baahubali? But, they are really missing the big picture here.
We may have never seen an incomplete film like Baahubali 1 before, perhaps that is the secret of its mammoth success. We can tell good people from bad people in the film but we don’t know why the story of Baahubali came to the point where Kattappa turns into a backstabber. There are important unanswered questions, which we have overlooked this two years as we were too busy trying to crack this one mystery. With Baahubali 2, we are hoping that SS Rajamouli answers all of them. Here are the six questions that the Prabhas and Rana Daggubati-starrer will have to deal with when it lands on Friday.
1) Sins of Sivagami
Sivagami crawls out of a secret cave at the waterfall in the opening scene of Baahubali 1. She sacrifices her life protecting Baahubali’s son and before she drowns, she prays to Lord Shiva, asking him to take her life for her sins but keep Mahendra Baahubali safe. So what are the sins that she committed? Of course, that is besides marrying Bijjaladeva and giving birth to Bhallaladeva.
2) Is Amarendra Baahubali really dead?
Bhallaladeva as part of his everyday ritual of torturing Devasena (Anushka Shetty) visits her at the place, where she has been chained for over 20 years. During his interaction, he claims that no one remembers Baahubali in Mahishmati except for him and her. And he hopes to meet him once again so that he can kill him ‘again’ with his bare hands? So he didn’t kill him permanently in his first attempt? And not to mention that his face turns pale as people begin to chant Baahubali’s name during his statue installation ceremony. He begins to ask if anyone see ‘someone’.
3) Who is Bhallaladeva’s wife?
We know Bhallaladeva has a son, Prince Bhadra, whom Shivudu beheads with Kattappa’s sword just before the interval. But, who is his mother?
4) Why Bijjaladeva wants to kill his wife Sivagami?
A promo video of Bijjaladeva character dropped another bomb. He is the one who wants Sivagami dead and suggests the idea to Bhallaladeva? Why?
5) Avantika and team
We know that Avantika is a member of a secret army that is fighting to rescue Devasena from the clutches of Bhallaladeva. But, we have no clue as to why they so badly want to save Devasena even it means sacrificing their own life. And they take pride in dying for this mission? What is the source of their loyalty towards Devasena?
6) Will Baahubali find out Bhallaladeva’s true colour?
Bhallaladeva was ready to cross any line in order to become the king of Mahishmati. He always knew the potential of his brother Baahubali and wanted him dead. He tries to kill Baahubali in the first part itself. But, Baahubali seemed oblivious to the true intentions of Bhallaladeva. Does he ever find out Bhallaladeva’s true colour and deliver justice to him or meet his creator without knowing the schemes of his evil brother?
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