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  1. Nike Was Founded By Men
  2. Patakha
  3. If You Are Happy, Read This
  4. Broken car
  5. Mother and Patrick
  6. A Farmer
  7. Santa Banta
  8. A Dogs life
  9. Definition of home
  10. Relationship between cafes and bars
  11. After an accident
  12. Funny Classroom Jokes
  13. Funny Classroom Jokes
  14. 2 Wise advices for married peoples
  15. Height of Good Luck
  16. All girls r beautiful n boys innocent
  17. Aaj ka sawal
  18. I want to suck you ... lick you
  19. Sardar sent SMS to his BOSS
  20. In a bathroom, boy touches a girl everywhere



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Nike Was Founded By Men

Posted Date :   02 August 2017 11:09:57 AM  

Nike was founded by Men,
SO its tagline says..
“Just Do It”

If Nike had been founded by a woman,
its tagline would have been:

“Just do it.. if you want to… I don’t want to force you..
it’s your life, anyway you don’t listen to me…Do what you
want to do… Who am I to say anything… But it has to
happen, and you have to do it!!”


Posted Date :   02 August 2017 11:08:58 AM  

Instead of burning a phataka ,,,
Date a phataka…!!!

Have an eco-friendly diwali..

Applicable to bachelors only!

Coz married people already living with nuclear Bomb

If You Are Happy, Read This

Posted Date :   02 August 2017 11:07:40 AM  

In a school in Punjab, everyone was singing, “If you’re Happy and you know it, clap your hands” …

Only 3 students clapped their hands….

The rest of them were Sunny, Lucky, Pinky, Bittu, Sonu, Bunny, Guddu, Sweetie, Honey …!!!

Broken car

Posted Date :   20 July 2017 04:17:40 PM  

Wife calls her husband and says, “Darling, the car is broken, it won’t start.”
“What?! It’s in perfect order, what’s wrong with it?”
“It’s water in the carburetor, love.”
“Oh no, where are you right now?”
“Um, in the little lake behind the house…”

Mother and Patrick

Posted Date :   20 July 2017 04:16:13 PM  

Mother: "How was school today, Patrick?"

Patrick: "It was really great mum! Today we made explosives!"

Mother: "Ooh, they do very fancy stuff with you these days. And what will you do at school tomorrow?"

Patrick: "What school?"