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Some Facts about India Pakistan Cricket Match

Posted Date :   15 February 2015 06:43:41 PM  


* In Adelaide Oval Pakistan get defeated in all 8 matched played while chasing the score.
* Its First time Indian Cricket team touched 300 Runs in World Cup against Pakistan
* In World cup matches India had 3 partnerships which reached 100 runs. It Includes the Virat Kohli and Suresh Raina 110 runs which occured today Jan 15, 2015 world cup match.
* Virat Kohli becomes the first Indian who scored 100 runs in world cup match again pakistan.
* If India sustain to 4 wickets loss or less then it in first 30 overs, the chances of India winning increased by 70%
* After 5 world cups, India had a match today in world cup 2015 without Sachin Tendulkar.
* This Cricket World cup 2015 match is the first match when there is no Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gawaskar in Indian Team.
* In 6 World cup match against pakistan, 5 match toss has been won by India and gone for First Batting all the time.
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