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Six Amazing facts on Macaroni Pasta

Posted Date :   18 July 2020 11:32:35 PM  

1) Pasta is a wise choice for diabetic patients as it has no cholesterol and has
low sodium levels that does not cause imbalance within anatomy.

2) Whole wheat and white pasta offers enormous fiber which is required for
effective functioning of stomach digestive fluids. The effective digestion of food
promotes overall wellbeing by expulsion of waste components within the body

3) Kraft Foods sells more than one million boxes of their Mac & Cheese every day

4) The macaroni penguin, with black and yellow plumes on its head, is named after
those very same dandies from “Yankee Doodle.

5) The average American eats 19.8 pounds of macaroni each year. The average
Italian eats 62 pounds.

6) In the United States and England, they call it macaroni and cheese. In Canada
it’s Kraft Dinner.
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