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Salal berries facts

Posted Date :   27 February 2019 12:36:46 PM  


Salal berries
Salal is the common english name of a plant in the family ericaceae. 
the lewis and clack Expedition found it in north america. the expedi-
tion look place from 1804 to 1806 frederick traugott pursh first de-
scribed it. the official botanical name is gaultheria shallon. it is also
known as shallon or gaultheria in english. the plant was introduced to 
great britain in 1828. today. it is often used for flower arrangemnts. it 
was also used as a cover for pheasants. the plant also has medicinal
properties. it is used for treatment of inflammation and cramps. the 
plant is called "shallon-scheinbeere" in german language. the young 
leaves and berries can be eaten.
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