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How to Use Any Smartphone as a webcam

Posted Date :   02 August 2017 10:45:32 AM  

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Many would doubt the concept as of why one would prefer using his phone as a webcam? Well, there are a bunch of reasons to push this idea:

  1. Is the old phone having no front cam? You could use the rear camera for video calling instead of buying one.
  2. A good chance that it can stand for a pretty good “Security camera”, monitoring your babies or other watch hours, without buying expensive standalone cameras!

Oh yes, it is a matter of concern that you would buy a new camera for the purpose but still if you want to save those few dollars/rupees, you can stick to this idea. Don’t sell that old one in your pocket, it can still serve you well. Now the question arise on How-to-do stuff? Isn’t it? Well, there are certain right apps that would provide you with a satisfying interface and make worth it.


How to Use an Android Smartphone as a webcam?

Play store, as well as private developers, provide a number of apps for this purpose. But beware of those fake tagline, you could be fooled and end up in wasting worthy data or leak of some personal information.Out of the most tested, IP Webcam app is the best one which proves for this purpose. Unlike DroidCam (which require a similar application to be installed on Windows), this app works through your browser, giving you the compatibility and freedom to move over platforms.

How to use IP webcam:

  1. Connect your phone and computer to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Install the app IP Webcam on your phone.
  3. It is advisable to close any app which uses your phone’s camera (kill’em using task manager).
  4. Launch the app. Scroll down until a tab appears- “Start server”.
  5. The app will now display a URL, something like- (alphabets represents numerical).
  6. Enter this URL in your web browser and hit Enter.
  7. In the browser, you’ll see a drop-down menu next to Video renderer. Select Browser.
  8. Next, you’ll see Audio renderer. Select HTML WAV.
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  10. Now you’re good to go. You’ll see a live video feed in your browser. You can record it via a browser. You’ll get used to controls once you use it. Although there might be some problem in HTML WAV audio streaming, you can prefer VLC media player for this purpose.

How To Show Whatsapp Status Always Online Even If You Are Offline

Posted Date :   04 February 2017 03:28:53 PM  
Whatsapp Always Online Trick is very useful for those who wants to show their Whatsapp status always online without opening its application on their phone. Some people thinks it’s not possible to visible always Online when we aren’t using Whatsapp on our mobile.. But, they are wrong. We will share all about this method in this article.
Whatsapp always online trick is here friends, you don’t have to wait long for this cool Whatsapp trick. Whatsapp is the most popular Social networking app for Android, iPhone and nowadays Whatsapp also launched PC version. So today we are going to sharing awesome Whatsapp tweak to show your Whatsapp status always online when you are offline.
How to Show Whatsapp Status Always Online Even If You Are Offline
Do you want to show Whatsapp status always online even when you are not using it? Here is the best way to show your Whatsapp status always online without being online. You are able to make Whatsapp status always online without keeping screen light turn on of your device. Just follow all the steps given below carefully to make this method working.
1) First of all you have to download GBWhatsapp mod apk on your device.
2) After downloading GBWhatsapp, Install and Open it on your Android.
3) It will asks you to enter and verify you mobile number by OTP. 
4) Just enter your mobile number and it will send you one time verification (OTP) code, enter them in app and verify your number.
5) Now, enter your Name, upload profile picture and proceed to next steps by clicking on Next button.
6) It will open normally just like original Whatsapp, but in this app you can see many Whatsapp tweaks like hide online status, blue ticks, second ticks, etc. and also it have different Layout than original Whatsapp app.
7) Now, open Menu in GBWhatsapp and select GB Settings option from the list.
8) Scroll down and search for Other MODS option, just click on it after finding it.
9) You will find Always Online feature on list, simply tick mark on it and it will ask you to restart GBWhatsapp, just click on OK button and it will restart your app.
10) Done, Enjoy now it will show your Whatsapp status online all day even when you are not using Whatsap on your device and also when your phone’s Screen is turned off.
So this is the step by step tutorial to show Whatsapp status always online. Just follow out these all 10 steps carefully and then see the Magic 🙂 . Now when you thinks that you have to turn off this feature and wants to see offline, just open GBWhatsapp settings and untick the option of Always Online and done, now you are not seen online to anyone when you are not using your Whatsapp.
But you must have to follow some rules of GBWhatsapp to make your Whatsapp status always online. Here are some tips which you must have to follow to make this method working:
Make sure your mobile’s data connection will be turned on all day to make your Whatsapp status always online, otherwise it can’t able to show your status online without internet connection.
Also make sure you don’t have to close GBWhatsapp from recent apps panel, otherwise GBWhatsapp’s all process will get stopped after removing it from there and it can’t show you online.
So make sure your Wi-Fi or Mobile data connection should be on all day if you want to show your Whatsapp status online, it doesn’t matter if your Screen is on of off because it will show you online even if your device is sleeping and you aren’t using it. Also remember to don’t close GBWhatsapp process from recent apps panel to make your Whatsapp status online all day.