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5 Amazing fact of Crab Spider

Posted Date :   24 June 2020 12:49:51 AM  

1) Crab spider can reach 0.16 to 0.3 inches in length. Females are larger than

2) Crab spider is able to change the color of the body to blend with the colors of
its environment.

3) Name "crab spider" refers to crab-like shape of the body and ability of these
animals to walk sideways and backwards, just like crab.

4) Crab spider hunts and eats insects that visit flowers to feed on nectar. Honey
Bees, butterflies and flies are its favorite food.

5) Crab spiders are not aggressive. They can bite humans in self-defense, but
their bite is rarely dangerous.

5 Amazing fact of Common House Spider

Posted Date :   24 June 2020 12:46:07 AM  

1) Spiders don't use plumbing to sneak inside

2) For a short period of time during the breeding season, males and females can live
on the same web.

3) Common house spider populations are not considered threatened.

4) A female common house spider can produce several egg sacs in a year. The best
time to spot an egg sac is in the summer. They are very small, papery, brown sacs
that hang from the web and can have more than 400 spider eggs inside.

5) Common house spiders will live just about anywhere. They can be seen in gardens,
backyards, basements, attics, barns, sheds, and any other type of man-made structure.

Amazing fact of Sea lion

Posted Date :   19 June 2020 11:11:24 PM  

1) Sea lions can swim up to 20 miles per hour

2) Sea lions can see in the dark 

3) Sea lions can hold their breath for 2 hours in the water

4) The great white shark can kill sea lions.

5) Sea lions are in the family of the seals

6 Amazing fact of otter

Posted Date :   19 June 2020 11:09:17 PM  

1) Otter's fur is water repellent to help keep them warm and dry

2) A sea otter has 800 million hairs on its body

3) A group of otters linked together is called a raft

4) At birth, baby otter, called pup, weigh between 4.5 oz

5) The giant otter is the largest otter in the world and grows from 4.9 to 5.9 feet long.

6) There are a total of 13 different species of otters.

5 Amazing fact of Dwarf Frog

Posted Date :   19 June 2020 02:38:42 AM  

1) African dwarf frogs prefer eating and playing near the bottom, where they
can be safe from predators and hide while they sleep.

2) African dwarf frogs can also live in flooded areas of the forest during the wet 

3) During the dry seasons african dwarf frogs can live in shallow rivers, creeks,
and ponds.

4) Dwar frog Grows about 4 cm or 1 1/2 inch.

5) Some of the things scientists are doing to help them from becoming extinct
are breeding them in zoos, and keeping the frogs away from fish to keep the safe.