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Yuzu facts

Posted Date :   28 February 2019 12:29:06 PM  


The yuzu is a citrus fruit and plant. it originated in east asia. the fruit
looks like a rough grapefruit, and changes colorur from green to yellow
when it becomes more ripe.
the yuzu is often used in japanese and korean cuisine. it appears
much like a lemon a lemon but tastes more like a floral lime.

White Currant facts

Posted Date :   28 February 2019 12:27:30 PM  


White Currant
The white current, or whitecurrant is a cultive of the red currant. they
are flowering plants in the family grossulaceae native to Europe. usual-
ly they grow as a shrub and can reach a heach a height of 1m (3 ft) tall.
the plant have palmate leaves, and masses of spherical, edible fruit
,(berries) in summer. the white currant differes from the red currant only
in the color and flavour of these fruits, white which are a translucent white
and sweeter. [1] it is sometimes mislabelled as ribes glandulosum,[2]
(white is the skunk currant in USA).

Watermelon facts

Posted Date :   28 February 2019 12:24:37 PM  


A watermelon is a type og edible fruit, the are 92%water.
about 6% of a watermelon is sugar, which makes it very
sweet. there are many different types of watermelon. some
have a geern rind on the outside a red-pink flesh on the
inside, with brown seeds. some can have yellow flesh, and
some can be seedless. the green rind on the outside is not
usually eaten, though it can be used as a vegetable.

Ugli facts

Posted Date :   28 February 2019 12:22:20 PM  


Ugli fruit
An ugli is a type of citrus fruit. it is related to the lemon family. it started to
grow quickly all across jamaico over 80 years ago and was quickly discov-
ered by the native there. it became popularly known, but it did not  have a
name. the native on  jamaica named it the ugli fruit becouse of its ugly
appearance. it was shipped to the united states and south America on
cargo ships and after it arrived in the Americas, its popularity only grew.
the original fuit is believed to have been a tybrid fromed from the seville
orange, the grapefruit, and the tangerine families.

Tangerine facts

Posted Date :   28 February 2019 12:20:05 PM  


A Tangerine is citrus fruit related to the mandarin orange. tangerines
are smaller and easier to peel than common oranges. the taste is con-
sidered lass sour, but sweeter and stronger,than that of an orange.
Very often, tangerines are simply peeled and eaten by hand, but they
are sometimes also used as ingredient of salads. in sichuan cui-
sine,the dried peel of tangerines is used as an ingredient.