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  6. Five best Facts of Food
  7. Five best Facts of Food
  8. Four Facts of Food
  9. Five best Facts of Food
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Cheese facts

Posted Date :   13 December 2019 01:06:34 PM  

1) Cheese is the most frequently stolen food item in the world.
4% of cheese goes missing every years in the world.

2) A small piece of cheese before bed can actually help sleep

3) Lactose is the sugar that is naturally present in milk.
when milk is turned into cheese the lactose is eaten by lactic
acid bacteria. Aged cheese has no lactose, which means if
you are lactose intolerant you can eat most cheese.

4) The first cheese factory was established in switzerland. 

5) Cheese is most flavoursome when eaten straight out of the fridge.

6) The greeks are the largest consumer of cheese worldwide.

7) France is considered the "cheese capital" of the world,
producing over 400 types of cheese

Facts about eggs

Posted Date :   11 December 2019 12:32:15 PM  

1) An egg contains every vitamin except vitamin C

2) Eggs are a good source of essential nutrient,
Choline which is important in building cell membrane
and producing signaling molecules in brain.

3) Brown and white shelled eggs are nutritionally different.

4) A hen lays about 24 carton of eggs each year.

5) When eating eggs, don't throw away yolks as they
contain the majority of nutrients.

Four best Facts on Carrots

Posted Date :   30 November 2019 04:29:25 PM  

1) A medium-size carrot has 25 calories, 6 grams of carbs, and 2 grams of fiber.
2) Carrots are loaded with beta-carotene, a natural chemical that the body changes into vitamin A.
3 ) There are over 100 species of edible carrots today.
4) Number of carrots one ordinary person consumes in his lifetime – 10,866.

Six best Facts on Apples

Posted Date :   06 November 2019 04:33:39 PM  


1) They are full of carbohydrates which are essential to provide children with the energy they need to stay active every day.
2) Apples contain dietary fibre that is helpful in reducing levels of bad cholesterol.
3) There are over 7,500 different types of apples found across the world.
4) One of the oldest varieties of apples is the Lady or Api apple.
5) The largest apple on record weighed 1.4 kg
6) Quercetin that is found in the skin of apples can protect brain cell

Five best Facts of Food

Posted Date :   30 October 2019 05:29:11 PM  


1) Bacteria,which cause tooth decay,acne,tuberculosis,streptococcus    pneumoniae, are all killed eating cashew nuts which are actually  seeds.
2) Over 90% of the world's cashew crop is consumed in the united states
3) Buah jambu mete mengandung vitamin c lima kali lebih banyak daripada jeruk.
4) Raw cashews contain urushiol that can cause unpleasant skin reactions. in large amounts, raw cashews can be fatal as well.
5) The milky say from the cashew tree is used to make a varnish