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Eagles facts

Posted Date :   17 December 2019 12:15:26 PM  

1) All birds find shelter during a rain but Eagle avoids rain by flying
above the couds. Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference.

2) There are in total 60 different species of eagles in the world,
most of with live in Europe, Asia and Africa with only approximately
16 species found in the America and Australia.

3) The Eagle eye is stongest in the animal kingdom, with an eyesight
estimated at 4 to 8 times stonger than that of the average human
(576 megapixels). Eagles have such good eyesight,they can see
something the size of a rabbit from more than three miles away.

Hummingbird's facts

Posted Date :   01 October 2019 03:33:04 PM  

A hummingbird's heart beat up to 1260 times per minute.

Hummingbirds facts

Posted Date :   17 September 2019 12:22:08 PM  


A hummingbird's heart beat up to 1260 times per minute.


Eagles facts

Posted Date :   15 July 2019 03:22:30 PM  

Incredible map shows flight routes
of eagles over the course of one year


Pigeon facts

Posted Date :   15 July 2019 03:05:27 PM  


The bones of a pigeon weigh less
than its feathers.