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banana bread facts

Posted Date :   20 March 2019 01:02:52 PM  

banana bread was created by mistake when An assassin
Attempted to poison a loaf of bread using a banana

Zebras facts

Posted Date :   20 March 2019 01:00:56 PM  


Zebras Use Their humongous
stripes to hypnotize their predators

Australia facts

Posted Date :   20 March 2019 12:59:31 PM  

If you visit Australia for more than a week, you
are made a citizen and legally cannot
leave the country ever again.


Ronald Mcdonald facts

Posted Date :   20 March 2019 12:53:46 PM  


Ronald Mcdonald has
been arrested under 6 felony charges,
and is awaiting trial. his charges include vehicular
manslaughter and treason.

Osama facts

Posted Date :   20 March 2019 12:52:05 PM  

Osama bin laden, former US president,
recently endorsed animal testing of meth.