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  1. 5 Amazing fact of Gorillas
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  4. 4 Amazing fact of Jellyfish
  5. 5 Amazing fact of Chess
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5 Amazing fact of Gorillas

Posted Date :   13 January 2020 01:00:48 PM  

1) Gorillas sleep as much as fourteen hours per day.

2) There approximately 800 mountain gorillas left on
this planet

3) Female Gorillas can Eat 200lbs of food. Compared
to humans who eat 5lbs of food

4) When gorillas are relaxed and contented, their face
muscles droop and relax, making them look quite grumpy

5) Just like human fingerprint, Gorillas have unique nose
prints which are used to identify individual Gorillas

4 Amazing fact of Sunflowers

Posted Date :   13 January 2020 12:59:24 PM  

1) Sunflowers can help clean radioactive soil. Japan is using this to
rehabilitate fukushima. Almost 10,000 packets of sunflower seeds
have sold to the people of the city.

2) Sunflowers follow the sun but 
when it is cloudy and gray, they face each other and share their Energy.

3) Sunflowers are so named not because they look like the sun, but
because their head always tilted to face the sun.

4) The guinness world record for tallest sunflower ever grown is 8.23

5 Amazing fact of Owl

Posted Date :   11 January 2020 12:52:57 PM  

1) Great-Horned owl make the generic hooting sound heard in

most movies 

2) Unlike most birds, Owls make virtually no noise when they fly.
They have special
Feathers that break turns into smaller currents, which reduces sound.

3) There are over 200 different species of owl

4) It's a myth that owls can rotate their heads 360 degrees! owls'
can actually turn their necks 135 degrees in either direction. This
thus only gives them a total of 270 degrees of total head movement.

5) Owl can see any objects in 3D image means with length, breadth,

4 Amazing fact of Jellyfish

Posted Date :   11 January 2020 12:51:22 PM  

1) There is a jellyfish, the turritopsis nutricula, that has the ability to
regenerate brand new cells. This allows it to have an infinite lifespan
and is effectively immortal.

2) A jellyfish's mouth is also its anus. These creatures eat and discard
waste from the same opening, according to national geographic. 

3) Jellyfish and lobsters are condiered biologically immortal. They
don't age and will never die, unless they're killed.

4) Jellyfish, or jellies as scientists call them, are not fish. They have
no brain, no heart, and no bones

5 Amazing fact of Chess

Posted Date :   10 January 2020 11:40:01 AM  

1) Chess was invented in india.
2) The word "checkmate" in chess come from the
persian phrase "Shah Mat" which means "the king is dead."
3) The folding chess board was originally invented in 1125
by a chess-playing priest.
4) The longest chess game theoretically possible is 5,949
moves. the shortest is 2 moves.
5) In 1927, The women's world chess championship was
established;the 1st to hold the title was czech-english master vera menchik.