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Brazil facts

Posted Date :   16 July 2019 03:26:52 PM  


Brazil has been the largest producer
of coffee for the last 150 years.

Golf course facts

Posted Date :   16 July 2019 03:24:06 PM  


The highest golf course in the wold is the tactu golf
club in morococha, peru, sitting 14,335 feet above
sea level at its lowest point.

The ozone layer facts

Posted Date :   16 July 2019 03:21:18 PM  

The ozone layer is recovering it's expected to
be fully healed by 2050-2060.

Cherries facts

Posted Date :   16 July 2019 03:19:31 PM  

Cherries can cause the cancer cells
to commit suicide.

The common Goldfish facts

Posted Date :   16 July 2019 03:15:44 PM  

The common goldfish is the only animal that can
see both infrared and ultra- violet light.