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Places to see in Sarnath Blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   30 October 2019 04:34:00 PM  
Sarnath is yet another spiritual place which comes in district Varanasi. It is said that after spending 7 weeks at Bodhgaya, where Siddharth gautam enlightened and know to the world as Gautam buddha, came here and given his first sermon to his 5 discibles and the sermons were the 4 noble truths.
1. There is suffering
2. Suffering has a cause
3. the cause is removable
4. There are ways to remove the cause
and to remove the cause Buddha prescribed 8 fold path
Right speech, right action, right livelohood, right effort, right mindfullness, right concentration, right attitude and right view.
Well I am not dwelling more into it so let me take you back to Sarnath history.
It also became the place where Buddhist Sangha was originated. Today, thi place is visited by people all over the world who believe in Buddha and his teachings.
I reached here early in morning and would like to suggest you all to do the same. And I joined the group of monks who came from thailand. Along with them I too visited the first site here which is now the archeological ruins and according to history this was the same site where Buddhism florished and had 30 monasteries with some 3000 monks some 1500 years ago. Later this was destroyed by turks.
Let me also tell you that Sarnath has been also known as Mrigadava, mridaya, Rishipattan and Isipattan through out the history. Mrigadava means "the deer park" which was built by the king before buddha arrived. He called it so animals can roam freely here. Isipattan is the name used in pali which means the place where holy men landed.
In these ruins you will see Ashoka pillar which was broken during turk invasion but the base still stands at the original location. Rest of its part the lion capital can be seen in Sarnath Archeological museum which I will take you as this blog continues.
Dharamrajika stupa you will notice as soon as you enter the ruins. It was made to enshrine the remains of Lord Buddha when he left the body.
The site mulagandha kuti vihar represented ancienty culture and tradtions of Buddhism. Today its all ruins.
The grand impressive structure Dhamek stupa which is 128 feet high and 93 feet in diameter. The site belived where Buddha given his first sermon.
I was following the monks and they sat near Dhamek stupa and they keep on praying which I hardly understood but the environment was peaceful to mind and body which made me to keep on with them till they left the ruins.
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