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Places to see in Bodhgaya Blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   07 November 2019 12:45:29 PM  
There are three important sites in Bodhgaya other than Mahabodhi temple and all these 3 sites are very important which made siddharth Gautam into Lord Buddha.
And for that we crossed Nirajana river bridge where all these 3 sites located. Before enlightenment Gautam and his 5 disciples came to Uruvela (now known as Bodhgaya) where he thought that by doing austerities he would attain the wisdom. For 6 years he practised fasting and meditation that no other did. But what remain with him was body with bones, there was almost no flesh remain on it. After rising from his meditation he found that this was not the way.The tree under which he meditated for 6 years is the still the same and aged more than 2500 years. 
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