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Ghats of Varanasi blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   14 October 2019 01:44:29 PM  
Varanasi - A prominent city of hindus. The city of Lord Rudra as they say. The oldest inhibetent city in the world. The city that claims if you die here, one can come out of from cycle of birth of death, from endless chain of Karma.
Varanasi had claimed the title of "Subahe banaras" means mornings in Varanasi, where at this time one an witness 1000s of activities, that can make you speechless and wonder many time.

At Dashashawamedha ghat, morning starts with Ganga aarti done by one priest and loads of action get start as soon Sun says "Goodmorning" to all. 
People start taking bath in scared rivere Maa Gange, people who took path to know themselves dwell in morning prayers and meditation & people like me start enjoying shooting people (ofcourse by camera :P)
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