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Spiti Valley Kaza by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   20 August 2019  

I guess I had stopped 100s of times to taste this land. Every tunrn I had taken and I found a whole new world. Driving to these roads is indeed a challange. I remembered my ladakh trip as we were moving towards Kaza. These roads were just like this, sometimes I felt, kind of difficult from ladakh. They are good but bad at some points. You are going to travel on single narrow road, so if you are driving you own vehicle, just drive carefully here. No need to show off or become hero there.









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Gue Village blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   14 August 2019  
If you have not heard about this place, then something you had missed to see till date.. It's small and another secret place of our country in Himachal Pradesh. It comes in Lahol and Spiti area and situated at the height of 10,500 feet above sea level. It is just few kms from Indo-China border.
This place is famous for a Mummy which was found in 1985 by Indian Army (as I was told by the local guy).



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Nako Village travel blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   12 August 2019  
Let ponder on this question. 
Why one wants to come here -
My reasons will be like
1.) come here only if you want quality rest
2.) come here if you want some kind of time travel kind of experience (I mean traveling to past)
3.) come here if you want to forget the world
4.) come here if you want to be alone and enjoy the silence around you
5.) come here if you want to listen the music of winds
6.) come here if you want to see the deepest star in the sky
if you have any of such reason with you. Well, Welcome to this small place called Nako.
There is a lake which is named after this village. Nako Lake, Just sit and enjoy OR you also trek 2-3 hill top here (if you are fit enough to that) since you are the height of 3600 meters. Oxygen leven is quite thin. I will suggest to acclimatize yourself before you do any hiking or trekking.



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Small town KALPA in Himchal Pradesh India by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   08 August 2019  
Ahhh, what a place it is. 
Ok back to Shimla first. Our next morning was quite late in Shimla and we started our journey around 10 am. 
whomsoever have said that "journey is more beautiful then destination" he was so true. After almost midway, you will notice so many changes around you, mountains will change their color, they become brownish, they are kind of rocky, and they are beautiful.
I always love these roads, they are like wonders, and you watch them every turn you take. Whenever I reach to mountains, I always come to the state of Childlike. A child who have not seen things yet, and the child who always in wonder.
How they had cut the mountains, to make such roads, made so many bridges to connects 100s of villages and towns and cities in Himalayas, hats off to BRO (border road organization), they had done and still doing a marvlous job.

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First Destination Shimla by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   06 August 2019  
Tring Tring ... Tring tring...
"Hello" I picked up the phone."
"Hi, bhaiya (big brother), Sharad this side"
"Hi Sharad, what's up" I asked
"All fine bhaiya, I wanted to tell you that my leaves are sanctioned and I have 10 days holidays, what you say, can we go to some mountains trip" Sharad told me.
This was the first time when someone asking me indirectly to pack your bag and let's go, You have 2 hrs. All this came to my mind that time. 
I asked him to give me 15 minutes and let me see where we can go. As soon as put down the phone, I opened my laptop and started scrolling on internet, where to go, where is the nearest destination, where I also can relax for these 10 days. Damn - I am good now in searching places. I called sharad and told about the locations. The trip was made for just 3 places Shimla - Kalpa and Chitkool. Kalpa and chitkool can be counted in remote places. I also told him to meet me at Akshardham metro station in 3 hours. I am getting out of home in 10 minutes. I live near Agra and he's in Delhi. 
Pheeew..and that's how this trip was started. 
I reached at metro station in time and Sharad was standing there. We had little gossips of here and there and finally jumped on the highway towards Shimla. 



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Agra to Spiti Valley from A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   05 August 2019  
If you are reading this blog then I am going to consider that you are a wonderlust kind of fellow and always want your adreline keep pumping in your blood and now and then you keep googling the maps and checking faraways locations, out of reach of tourists. You want to experience worst, risky, bumpy roads as you think that straight roads don't make good drivers. And as you are reading this article, I will also consider that you are working on how to reach spiti valley.
Ok, let me tell you that, this article is not going to quench your thirst. This article is just made to release the teaser of the video I made for my trip. However, I am going to share my route plan here, you need to see all other blogs which I am going to write OR if you are reading this after 1 and half month, then ofcourse they are already shared and links of the destinations must had activated by now.
So here is the route plan -
1.) Shimla
2.) Kalpa
3.) Nako Village - I will strongly insist to stay atleast a night, however, if you are short of time, you can give a day visit to this place and the move to
4.) Gue Village (just an hour, however if you want some more peace and have time, then surely stay here too)
5.) Kaza
If you are planing your spiti trip in June, then Kuzum pass will get open. So you can complete your circuit through Kuzum pass to Chandratal lake and finally reach to Manali and then way back to your home.
However, if you had planned for late april, then Kuzum pass is closed. So you have to return back to same route to Shimla.


Taj Mahal in Winters

Posted Date :   02 August 2019  
I live in a nearby town of Agra called Achhnera. It is basically a midpoint of Agra and Bharatpur city. To go to Agra, for me it is like 100 km ride to and fro. And for this reason many times I stopped myself to shoot Taj Mahal. Can you believe this ? Yes, I stopped myself so many times to shoot it. Number One wonder of the world, just 50 km away from me and I keep on postponding it. The world is coming to see it, and I was busy in my work.
Whoever have said that a Sage have no respect in his own home, said it wisely. I guess he too was some Sage :D
But this winter is going to be different for me. It is like - NOW or NEVER. And so I left all my work and laziness and went to Taj Mahal recently. The purpose was to show how Taj Looks in winters, in fog. It took me 7 days to make this timelapse. Sometime weather condition was not favourable and sometimes, I made mistakes in making the timelapse, I wanted to make a crisp Video for it. I don't know how you guys going to see it, but for me, I am quite satisfied as for now.
So here is the video of the timelapse I had made. Do let me know how it is. 



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Places to see in Thailand by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   31 July 2019  

Places to see in Thailand

Places to see in Bangkok
a) Sea life (Ocean world)
b) Asiatic the river front
c) Khao san road
d) Watt pao
e) Watt Arun
f) Grand palace
g) have dinner on cruise while watching the skyline of bangkok
h) Floating market

Best way to see Bangkok
Try tuktuk or ride in taxi. Bangkok is full of traffic 
Best time to visit
From October till march.

Places to see in Pattaya
a) Coral Island
b) Ripleys believe it or not
c) Pattaya floating market
d) Big Buddha hill
e) Art in paradise
f) you can also Visit Tiger kingdom here also 
g) Pattaya beach
h) Pattaya walking street
Best way to see Pattaya
Rent a motor bike here.
Best time to visit
From October till march.

Places to see in Phuket
a) Patong beach
b) Phi Phi islands (if possible have a night stay here)
c) Tiger kingdom 
d) Dolphin bay
e) elephant sanctuary
f) old phuket town
g) night market
h) Phuket fanta sea show
i) James bond island
j) Bangla walking street
Best way to see Phuket
Rent a motor bike here.
Best to visit
From October till march.

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Mysterious Kuldhara Village and Sam Sand Dunes by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   29 July 2019  
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And finally, the trip now going to end. This was the 2nd last day of our trip, where we planned to visit Haunted village Kuldhara and Sam Sand dunes.
We reached Kuldhara village after seeing few last glimpse of Desert festival. 
What should I say about this village. Ok truely, it is deserted, its ruins of houses once which were populated. The houses were well planned up. Seems like some modern colony to me and which shows the knowledge of our ancestors were no less than today's time clock OR I must say, may be they had more brains then we expect.
But why this village was never inhabited again ! Does anybody really saw any ghosts here ? Those were the first questions that rang to my mind. On asking the local security guard, no ghosts were seen so far. One local fellow said that it is not rumour some people really felt some paranormal activity in late night and hence government closed this area and nobody is allowed to see it after 6pm.
So the little history is kind of contradictory. Some says, it is because there was no water left in this place. The water wells were dried up and some says an earthquake happened in past by which villagers left this place. However, the most known history is there was a cruel minister in Mughal era named Salim singh who fell for a beautiful girl and asked villagers to handover to him. Now this place was established by paliwal Brahmins. They left the place in night and curse this place. After that and till date whoever tried to acquire this property, they noticed some paranormal activity and hence it is never inhabited.
For me it will be always a mystery as so many stories are there. And all stories are fitting for this place.



Jaisalmer by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   27 July 2019  
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It was now time to see some more places in Jaisalmer. And our first choice was to visit Gadisar lake. Gadisar lake is very near to Jaisalmer fort. It's a man made reservoir constructed by King Jaisal and was the only source of water in older times of Jaisalmer. There is no ticket to enter this place except for parking if you coming with your own vehicle. 

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