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Nubra Valley blog by A Mango Traveler - Chapter 7

Posted Date :   22 March 2020  
It was our Day 9th and we planned to see 2 more sites in Nubra Valley. 
1. Panamic Hot spring
2. Hunder
and in between boys wanted to do quad bike ride and both Kuldip and Puneet enjoyed it. 
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Khardungla and Diskit monastery blog - Chapter 6

Posted Date :   06 March 2020  

Before I start this blog, let me share the most important information with you guys and that is about Permits which are required to roam in areas near to China border.

Now since we had seen Leh to it's limit so we decided to move further. We planned our next destinations in Ladkah. It was like on day 8th we will reach to Nubra Valley. Stay there for 2 nights and then to Pangong on Day 10, Hanle on our Day 11 and at last to Tosomoriri lake where we would stay for a day or 2, and it would be our Day 12 & 13. In total we were going to spend 6 more days in ladakh and to go to these areas, now a days special permits are issued.
We were charged Rs. 1560/- for all 3 of us which was the govt. fee and one can get these permits from tourist information center in Leh which is near to Main Bazaar or take help from valid tourist agents. They charge 100/- per person which we opted as we were not having much time with us.
Without these permits you cannot even reach to Khardungla. Strict checking goes at every check post.
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Lamayuru monastery blog - chapter 5 by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   02 March 2020  
It was our day 6th and according to the plan, Saurabh, Akash and Sagar joined us from Agra. Frankly, I felt like all photographers club of Agra came here, however they actually came with GPF group.
Basically the plan was to have a road trip to Lamayuru on Bullet and since day was kind of clear we hoped to see our Galaxy one more time with different landscape. Yeah, after the yesterday's experience we claimed ourselves as Galaxy chasers :D
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Monasteries in Leh Ladakh - Chapter 4

Posted Date :   25 February 2020  
Today is our day 5 in Ladakh and we thought to cover few monasteries in Leh which are 
Shey Monastery
Thiksey monastery
Stakna monastery
Hemis monastery
Our first destination was Shey monastery which is just 15 km from the main city. The monastery and palace is made on a hillock. In past it was the summer capital of Ladakh. One need to climb a little to reach here which made all of us out of breath. The stairs were difficult and it was our very first experience in ladakh where we felt we need to do lot of exercise, the moment we reach back to Agra.
The current structure you see in Shey was built in 1650 in memory of Sengge Namgyal who was known as Lion king of Ladakh. He himself also made lots of Monasteries in Ladakh and was a Buddhist.
The monastery is noted for its giant statue of Seated Shakhya muni Buddha and said to be the second largest statue in Ladakh. You need to pay Rs. 50/- to enter the temple.
We trek a little to the top of monastery where lying the old ruined structures of Shey and got amazed to see the beautiful panaromic of its surroudings.
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Monasteries in Leh
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Places to see in Leh, Ladakh
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Places to see in Leh blog by A Mango Traveler - Chapter 3

Posted Date :   19 February 2020  
Leh - When i came here in 2016, I was having an idea that leh must be kind of a small town, more like a village. What can you expect with a place which is situated at the height of 3500 meters... & I was totally wrong.
Let me start our Day 4 of Ladakh road trip at Shuma hotel. It is a good property and I can recommend this place for staying in Leh, it is roughhly 4-5 km from Main bazaar and is around a quite locality. We woke up late in morning and it was already 9 am when we left this hotel and our first destination to see was Main bazaar.
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Places to see in Leh, Ladakh
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Jispa to Leh - Ladakh road trip by A Mango Traveler - Chapter 2

Posted Date :   12 February 2020  
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Before I start this blog, let me tell you what changes I done in my Car to increase it's ground clearance. I had added thick rubber pads at suspension area. By this there was a little increase of ground clearance. This little increase made our whole ladakh trip possible.
It was cold in morning around 5 am when we left Jispa and we all were determined that we would reach Leh today knowing well that it would be the longest distance we need to cover and my fear were the Four high passes we have to cover.
So let start the journey, it is our Day 3.
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Ladakh road trip blog - Agra to Jispa - Chapter 1 By A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   01 February 2020  

I always search for such places where I can say "Journey is more beautiful than destination" and Ladakh... Ladakh is mother of such regions in India. A dream place for riders, Photographers and trekkers. It is such a place where you only want to be on roads all the time. So, this time let me take you all to this beautiful, musical, mystical, magnetic land of lamas...

We started our Road trip to Ladakh from Agra (August 25, 2019) and we planned to reach Manali on our Day 1, Sarchu on our Day 2 and on Day 3 at Leh - the capital of newly formed Union territory Ladakh (Earliar it was the part of Jammu Kashmir state). In total we have to cover 1250 km in 3 days of which 760 km we need to drive in mountains, however, the plan didn't went that way, and the primary reason was we stopped 100s of time just to film the locations and the roads we passed through. Second reason was traffic, rain and ofcourse bad conditions of roads.










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Places to see in Pokhara blog- Nepal by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   21 January 2020  

 Pokhara is no. 1 Nepal leisure destination and gateway to treks in Annapurna region. 

Our trip for Pokahara started in morning where we reserved a bus ticket. All buses start from place called Sorakutte in morning around 7 am. A pre booking of tickets can give you a liberty to chose the seat. Bus ticket can cost in between Rs. 800-2500/- depending upon the comfort level you need.
It stops 3 times in between the way where you can have refreshments, breakfast and lunch and it takes roughly 7 hours to reach Pokhara.
Just like in India, here too I noticed lot of consturction going on by cutting the mountains. God knows what is going to be the future of both countries.
We reached Pokhara at 3 pm, booked our hotel and relaxed a little. I must admit here, bus journey is not that great. I will strongly suggest to get a taxi to reach here or take a flight. Though through bus, you save lot of money.
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Places to visit in Kathmandu Blog by A Mango Traveler

Posted Date :   18 January 2020  
Kathmandu - A city of temples, capital of Kingdom of Nepal, a city for the gateway for Mount everest trek and the city of warm hearted people.
After coming back from Everest base camp trek, we stayed here for few more days to explore Kathmandu and our stay was onnce again at Thamel. So late me start with THAMEL.
Thamel - The most happening place of the city and a traveler's hub. Its an area with dancing energies, basically the best place to stay if you are heading for any trek in Nepal. 
The web streets covrered with 1000s of shops and sells everything you'll need for treks in mountains and in night Thamel really awaken. The cheerful bars, casino, open restaurants, roof tops, live bands, I feel Thamel can be included in best travel night spots in the world.
If you want a sophisticated evening or a wild night of dancing and shots, Thamel has it all. It is the biggest and best entertainment place in Kathmandu.
And I would like to thanks once again to the wonderful staff of Holy lodge hotel, where we stayed.
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Pangboche to Lukla - Coming back blog - Everest base camp trek Day 10-11-12

Posted Date :   07 January 2020  

Well there is now nothing left to say as it is the same old path. But I noticed number of trekkers were increased. So our Morning started from Pangboche, a wonderful lovely, sunny morning. So This is our Day 10 and we are returning back.










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